The Best Tips for an Unforgettable Winter Bivouac Experience

Written by
Michelle Mendez
Published on
May 14, 2024

Have you ever experienced bivouac camping in winter? If you haven’t yet, a winter bivouac will certainly make your winter memorable!

What is a winter bivouac?

This outdoor activity is derived from the bivouac itself, more commonly known as bivy. It is a temporary and minimalistic campsite used by adventurers, hikers, climbers, or military personnel.

It typically involves sleeping outdoors without the conventional shelter of a tent. Instead, adventurers opt for small, lightweight shelters or even none at all. The simplicity and mobility of this approach allow individuals to set up camp swiftly and traverse diverse terrains with ease.

Bivouac isn’t just confined to the colder months and also done in other seasons. The winter version, however, holds a special allure and is an unfailing favourite. Well, who can resist being enveloped by the snowy embrace and deafening solitude of winter?

Snowshoeing or Skiing and Bivouac

Snowshoeing or ski touring with winter bivouac elevates the experience to a whole new level. It allows you to savor the stillness and connect with the tranquil beauty of winter. 

A day of touring is perfected by an evening beside a cosy campfire, and a hot meal before slipping into a warm bivy with nothing in between you and the bright, winter stars above. It is simply being one with nature.

Tips for an Unforgettable Winter Bivouac

Creating an unforgettable winter bivouac experience involves paying attention to crucial details. 

Prioritise warmth

Equip yourself with top-notch winter gear, especially a sleeping bag for low temperatures. Layering up is essential to retain precious body heat in the chilly winter air.

Choose your spot wisely

Opt for a flat area, steering clear of potential hazards like overhanging branches or avalanche-prone zones. Take considerations such as potential wind and snowfall. 

Ensure that your chosen location provides not only safety but also an unobstructed view of the breathtaking winter scenery. Before settling in, take the time to clear the snow beneath you, creating a level and comfortable sleeping space.

Setting up camp

Before heading out, have the know-how to set up camp and start your fire as this is vital for your comfort and insulation. Gathering firewood, creating a fire pit, and starting a fire are just a few of the important things to know in advance. You can get more of these tips from our other Wild Camping article here.

Pack winter meals and snacks

Pack hot drinks and heat-generating snacks. Think ahead and imagine sipping a warm beverage under the vast winter stars! Refreshing, isn’t it?

Embrace silence

The outdoors particularly on winter nights are super quiet. This is a rare chance in our world full of noise and distractions. Embrace and appreciate this silence as it is an ultimate meditative experience. Revel in the stillness while gazing at the stars, wrapped in the warmth of your bivouac.

Celebrate winter’s wonders with a bivouac experience

Bivouac is a true celebration of the winter season. Snowshoeing, ski touring, and winter bivouac are all about the slow pace, snow, white landscapes, crisp silence, and pristine experience. 

If you are not comfortable trying this on your own, Touring Monkeys have these events every winter.

See you soon and happy bivouacking!

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