The Best Event Venues for Rent in and around Zurich

Written by
Michelle Mendez
Published on
May 14, 2024

Zurich is rich. In business and economic but with its history, tourism, nature, cuisine, and people. This is why it is a great city to hold events and bond with your officemates, teammates, family, or friends. 

The diversity and richness of Zurich city allow selecting from amazing locations and themes, all, of course, depending on what kind and the size of event you’re planning. In this article, we’d like to share some of our favorite event venues in and around Zurich. 

Kongresshaus Zurich

The Zurich Congress Center sets new standards in terms of location, flexibility, and individuality. It is the largest event venue of its kind in downtown Zurich and is located directly on Lake Zurich. Created to be unparalleled in Europe, this is where meaningful architecture, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a unique location, and excellent service come together. They set the stage for events that will be remembered.

  • Minimum capacity: 
  • Maximal capacity: 4,500 
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • Congress Hall and Sound Hall: Over 20 rooms with over 5300 m² of state-of-the-art event space offer flexible usage options. The adjacent historically valuable halls of the Tonhalle with over 2000 m² of space can also be used for events and enable events with up to 4500 participants.

Volkshaus Zurich

Volkshaus is an important historic building in Zurich dating back to the 19th century and has been converted into a versatile and impressive event venue. It offers flexible options that can hold small groups (12 seatings) to up to big ones (600 to 1000 persons). 

  • Minimum capacity: 12 
  • Maximal capacity: 1,597 (Theatersaal incl. Gallery)
  • Available event space/s:
  • Theater Hall (462 sqm) -This spacious hall provides a grand setting for concerts, theater performances, and large-scale events, offering excellent acoustics and ample seating capacity.
  • White Hall ((264 sqm) - With its elegant design and natural light, the White Hall is suitable for exhibitions, conferences, and banquets, providing a stylish and versatile space.
  • Blue Hall (161 sqm) - It offers a more intimate atmosphere, making it ideal for workshops, meetings, and private functions.
  • Yellow Hall (113 sqm) - This bright and inviting space is well-suited for seminars, presentations, and smaller gatherings.
  • Green Hall (63sqm) - This is perfect for small-scale meetings, workshops, and breakout sessions, providing a cozy and comfortable setting.
  • Meeting Rooms - (33sqm, 44sqm, 50sqm) - These spaces are suitable for board meetings, discussions, and collaborative sessions.


The Hall is a cutting-edge event venue situated in the north of Zurich. A place for interaction and full of emotion: award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, congresses, AGMs, Christmas dinners, TV studio, and much more. 

  • Minimum capacity: 100 
  • Maximal capacity: 5,000 
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • The Hall: With over 2000 m2 of floor space and 12 m in height, the Hall offers plenty of design space for your ideas.
    • The Loft: The most beautiful terrace on the outskirts of Zurich. Urban and yet surrounded by nature. A true jewel for balmy summer evenings with your employees, customers, and business partners. Accompanied by culinary delights at their best - whether as a served banquet dinner or live cooking on the Feuerring.
    • The Studio: With modern plug & play architecture, you can cost-effectively stream your event to the world. Invite speakers digitally to discussion panels or produce content for the whole year.


Located in the heart of Zurich, Aura is a premier event venue renowned for its sophisticated ambiance and exceptional service. With its sleek design and modern amenities, Aura sets the stage for memorable experiences and unforgettable events.

  • Minimum capacity:  80
  • Maximal capacity: 650
  • Available event space/s:  Aura’s high-end event locations offer flexibility for all kinds of events from 80 to over 650 people directly at Paradeplatz.
  • Aura Event Hall (80-650 people). This multifunctional event hall sets new standards regarding flexibility visualization options and technical infrastructure.
  • Aura Restaurant (up to 100 people)
  • Aura Bar ( up to 200 people)


X-TRA is a versatile event venue located in the heart of Zurich. With its dynamic atmosphere and modern infrastructure, it has hosted a diverse range of events, including concerts, parties, and corporate functions.

  • Minimum capacity:  200 
  • Maximal capacity: 1,800 
  • Available event space/s: X-TRA offers multifunctionality with their spaces. Their main hall and different-sized rooms can be hired separately for events between 100 and 1800 guests as well as smaller rooms that can be used for breakout sessions or more intimate gatherings. The versatile layout and audio-visual capabilities make it suitable for various event formats.

Maag Halle

This is a modern and versatile event space that is located in the trendy Zurich West district and has hosted concerts, conferences, and corporate events.

  • Minimum capacity: 20 
  • Maximal capacity: 2,500 
  • Available event space/s:some text
    • Hall 662: Due to its multifunctionality it is suitable for all kinds of events from approx. 300 people.
    • MAAG Hall: The industrial charm and design of these halls can be rented individually or in combination for corporate events and public events from 20 to 1000 guests. 
    • Light Hall MAAG: An unusual event location for a public event or a company event, the Lichthalle MAAG boasts infrastructure that has never existed in Switzerland before. Illuminate, animate, and add sound to your corporate identity on the walls, ceilings, and floors of the hall using pre-installed high-performance projectors or project event-specific content, images, and videos. The MAAG light hall is suitable for events with up to 1000 guests.

Please note that the exact capacity for these locations may be subject to various factors such as event layout, seating arrangement, and additional requirements. It is recommended to contact them directly or visit their official website for detailed information regarding capacity specifications and to discuss your specific event needs.

If you're seeking affordable event spaces that are beautiful and functional, here are a few suggestions to consider:

Kulturhaus Helferei: 

The Helferei cultural center is located in the middle of Zurich's old town - in the very house where Ulrich Zwingli lived. It offers rooms of different sizes (with or without technical infrastructure) for a wide range of occasions (theaters, performances).  

  • Minimum capacity: 1
  • Maximal capacity: 160
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • The Chapel (up to 160 people): THE SHOWPIECE OF THE HELFEREI CULTURE HOUSE. Music can be heard here, moments can be contemplative, lavish parties can take place big words are spoken.
    • Breitinger Saal (up to 50 people): A simple, yet, beautiful hall suited for Seminars, readings, conferences, and film screenings. 
    • Oskar Farner Room (up to 15 people): A wonderful place for meetings offering views of of parish garden and one of the hidden inner courtyards of Zurich's old town.
    • ZWINGLI-STUBE (Up to 8 people): The room was left in its original condition as much as possible; the room radiates calm and heat.
    • Anna Reinhart Room (Up to 10 people):  was the wife of Huldrych Zwingli. It has the unmistakable charm of a living room from the last century.

Rote Fabrik:

This is a cultural center located on the shores of Lake Zurich that offers event spaces for rent at affordable prices. It has several rooms available for rent, including a concert hall, a theater, and a bar with exact capacities that may vary depending on the specific room or area.

  • Minimum capacity: 20 
  • Maximal capacity: a few hundred to several hundred depending on the event and area
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • Fabrikhalle: This is the main hall of Rote Fabrik and serves as a versatile event space suitable for concerts, theater performances, dance shows, and larger-scale events. It often features a stage, seating or standing areas and professional audiovisual equipment.
    • Clubraum: The Clubraum is a smaller, more intimate event space within Rote Fabrik. It is often used for smaller concerts, DJ sets, parties, and other cultural events. The Clubraum provides a cozy atmosphere for gatherings and performances.
    • Atelier: The Atelier is a creative space within Rote Fabrik that can be utilized for art exhibitions, workshops, rehearsals, or small-scale performances. It offers a flexible layout and can accommodate various artistic endeavors.
    • Seebühne: Located by the lake, the Seebühne is an outdoor stage that is occasionally set up for open-air concerts, theater performances, and cultural events. It provides a unique setting with beautiful views of Lake Zurich.


This is a cozy bar in the Zurich West district that offers event spaces for rent at reasonable prices. It has a small stage and can accommodate up to 80 people.

  • Minimum capacity: 20 
  • Maximal capacity: 150 
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • Main Bar: The main bar area is the heart of Kafischnaps, offering a lively and bustling ambiance. It is a social hub where guests can enjoy a wide selection of beverages and engage in conversations with friends or fellow patrons.
    • Lounge Area: Kafischnaps may have a designated lounge area where guests can relax and unwind in a more comfortable setting. This space often features cozy seating arrangements, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere for small groups.
    • Outdoor Terrace: If weather permits, Kafischnaps may have an outdoor terrace or patio area where guests can enjoy their drinks and soak up the sun. It provides a refreshing and open-air experience, perfect for enjoying the vibrant surroundings.
    • Private Rooms: Kafischnaps may offer private rooms or areas that can be reserved for special events or gatherings. These spaces provide more exclusivity and privacy for intimate celebrations or corporate functions.

Botanischer Garten Zurich

This is a beautiful botanical garden located near the city center that offers event spaces for rent. It has several spaces available, including a glass pavilion and an outdoor terrace.

  • Minimum capacity: 20 
  • Maximal capacity: 150 
  • Available event space/s: 

Pavillon Le Corbusier: 

This is a unique event venue located on the edge of the city that was designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier. 

  • Minimum capacity: 20 
  • Maximal capacity: 100
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • At Pavillon Le Corbusier, you can find versatile event spaces that cater to a range of gatherings. With its architectural brilliance and stunning surroundings, the pavilion offers a unique setting for your special occasions. While specific details may vary, there are likely multiple areas within the pavilion that can be utilized for events. These spaces may include a main exhibition area, conference rooms, or outdoor terraces. 


This is a trendy event space located in the Zurich West district that is built into an old railway viaduct and boasts of a beautiful industrial-style design.

  • Minimum capacity: 
  • Maximal capacity: 150
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • Bogen 16: Bogen 16 can accommodate up to 40 persons and can be rented in the evenings or on weekends for courses, wedding receptions, family celebrations, or apéros at a low cost. It is equipped with a kitchen complete with tableware and cutlery; plus a beamer, screen, and sound system can be reserved upon request for an additional small fee.
    • Bogen F can be used by private parties, companies, and clubs for events with up to 200 persons. It is particularly suitable for celebrations with a particularly personal touch and a very special atmosphere. The Restaurant Viadukt will gladly be the exclusive caterer for your event.
    • Club El Social: The dance studio with a view of the Josefwiese can be rented on Saturday evenings and Sundays. Events with up to 60 persons are welcome in Arch ...10. Besides a bar, Club el Social is also equipped with a piano, a light and sound system, as well as a beamer and screen.
    • Restaurant Markthalle: Whether it is a corporate event, a family celebration or a party among friends: For groups up to 60 people, the Restaurant Markthalle offers space for all those who are looking for a unique place to celebrate special occasions. During the warmer months, the beautifully planted garden is available for use, weather permitting.

Frau Gerolds Garten: 

This is a popular outdoor event space located in the Zurich West district. It has a beautiful garden setting and can accommodate up to 250 people.

  • Minimum capacity: 20 
  • Maximal capacity: 100
  • Available event space/s: some text
    • Mica’s Garden: “.. the uncomplicated with BBQ, summer drinks, street food and the most beautiful sunset in town”
      For groups from 30 - 400 people with barbecue buffet and street food aperitif
      For groups from 351 - 1200 people for exclusive rent with the street food market
    • Braschler’s Bar - “ ... the exclusive in our outdoor hotel/lobby bar with selected champagne, wines and the finest food”
      For groups from 30 - 60 people
    • Mrs. Gerold’s Garden: “... the cozy one in the most beautiful garden in the city, directly on the Hardbrücke”
      For groups of 10 - 120 people (only table reservations without pre-order possible)

The capacities of these venues can vary due to factors like layout and seating; contact them directly or visit their websites for more specific details.

If you need help in making your dream event a reality, Touring Monkeys will make the experience epic for your team! Whether it's at one of these remarkable venues we've highlighted, or in other hidden gems across Zurich, our team is experienced and dedicated to curating remarkable events. 

Here's to unforgettable moments, laughter, and connections, all set against the captivating tapestry of Zurich's culture and nature.

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